Thursday, December 29, 2011

A country that I would like to visit

Hi. we're again writing in this blog. The topic for today is the country that i would like to visit and why.

There 're a lot of beautiful and interesting places and countries around the world. I think my country, Chile, is one of the most nice country. But thinking in other ones, i would like to visit Australia, because it's a continent-country and have thousands of possibilities or things to do, learn, enjoy, admire, live, practice, hear, and feel.

For example, the opera house theater, in Sydney. It's a building to admire and feel the music playing in it.
It's put in a place that gives the impression of being on the sea.

Australia has many others interesting things, like Coral Sea, Ashmore, Carter, Coco islands (Keeling)

One of the things I wouldn't like to know is the sea, due to the Medusa. Certainly, there 're safety places to swim,
but I prefer my dear and precious Pacific Ocean, here in Chile...

Speaking about animals, the most famous is the Kangaroo.

Maybe, one of the interesting thing in Australia is the language. They speak English, but with a different pronunciation. It's a good chance for me to practice it. 

G'day, are you, to-die? (pronounced "Good-die, are you, to die?) which means "Good-day, my are you doing today ?" (in BBC English) is how you'll often be greeted in Australia.... and it's not someone rudely asking how you are going to pass away.
Aaaahh....the refinements of Australian English or "Strine" as it is known. Australians also tend to speak with a rising intonation which makes their sentences sound like questions. So, please don't think you are always being questioned !

Australia is a very large country. You will have thousands of things to do. It's a pleasure to visit it: Sea, Land, Wild Life, beautiful places and more.

For this and without doubts,  more other features, Australia it's a very nice place to visit.

See you in the next blog

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite web site

Now, I have to speak about my favorite web site.  I don't have a favorite web site at this time. Maybe due to a lot of work. Maybe, because i have not time to enjoy the internet.

Even so, i frequently visit several useful sites, like newspapers web sites (,, - to improve my english language ), or sites relates to online stores (,,, or personal email site (gmail), or sites to post same pictures of my family (

I wanna talk about this site. It seems like other pictures' site. But it's simple, clean, easy to use, intuitive, and easy to remember. I can post several pictures of my family on it. Share it with my family, friends, neighbors. I like this place because i can go back, traveling back through the time, and remember that beautiful epoch. I enjoy seeing these pictures.

Many pictures can be upload, download, sorted, arranged, searched, and, of course, enjoying. You can connect the computer to any other device, like Smart TV to see (in big) the pictures. It's a very useful and funny place for me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a) Physical description about myself
Well, I’m a relatively short man, with few blonde hairs on my head. I have green eyes, both of them.  I enjoy wear casual clothes like blue jeans, t-shirt, shoes. I do few physical exercises, so I’m a quite stocky man. My wife says I’m a handsome husband. I have to try to keep her happy. By other hand, I have a thin lips, plump nose, and white skin. I ‘m very happy with myself (I have no choice)…

b) Physical description about my wife
My wife is a very sweet woman, with long black hair, big dark eyes, dark skin, and a wide smile. She is relatively normal size, with a little overweight. But, she looks fine, yet. Her face have beautiful cheeks, lightly red.

Describing a Kaspch device

I choose this one: Single-Lane Transceiver

A Single-Lane Transceiver is a device dedicated to short-range communication. It’s rectangular, two colors: white and gray above and below, five pounds weight, with electronic components inside the device.

Single-Lane Transceiver is useful for controlled access. We used it on the AMB project, for the non-stop and go access to the airport, here in Santiago of Chile. The device is designed to be overhead mounted on a single lane access. Its powerful antenna is able to detect the devices that are in the range of it. For the AMB project, this device was used to detect the OBU (On Board Unit or TAG) and send it to the host software. Then, the host software searches this OBU in the “White List”.  If it finds it, the barrier is opened and the vehicle continues its way.

Some other particular things about this device: TCP/IP protocols to host communication, RS-232 serial communication, CEN DSRC and GSS and ISO/CEN EFC complaints.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Little biography

Marcelo Becerra was born in Santiago, Chile, in the district of Providencia, on November 5, 1966. His father, Ramón Becerra, was a bus driver. His mother, Marta Guzmán, was (and still is) a housewife. Marcelo is the first of four brothers: Cristian, Pablo and Alexis. Marcelo studied in three different schools, the last of them is the Instituto Nacional. He studied there from seventh to fourth grade (six years).

When he was a child, Marcelo gone to a computer exhibition at Parque Arauco shopping. He began to love the computers then. He decided to study something related to computers. Marcelo attended the University of Chile, where he majored in Computer Engineering. He started his working life on 1993, while was still a student.

Marcelo got married with Elizabeth Alarcón, on April 18, 1993, in a very nice wedding. Marcelo has four children. The first one is Marcelo, sixteen, Marely, thirteen, Amanda, five, and Matilde, two. He entered at his actual company, Kaspch, on March 2008. He began working as System Engineer, then he continued as Team Leader, and actually he is Project Manager, inside the same company.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Class #3

Hi again,

we're now going to speak about the world of computers. More specifically about how I use it in my job.

I love to develop computer software, making complex process become simple. I enjoy writing lines of code in some computer language like Delphi. I write documents in some word processor, I send/receive emails, listening some mp3. I spend many hours of the day planning the tasks for the next day or week. Thanks to internet, specially Google, i can find information about anything i want.

Here, in Kaspch, i use the computer for do others things, like find useful software for my team, do customer assistance solving his problems (problems related to the work, indeed).

One important thing about computers, if they did not exists, i should change of job.

See you in the next...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comments about BBC website


I 'm here again.  In the today english class we learned several good things: review actual news with background english, know the sound of vowels and letters, and expand the english vocabulary with new verbs.

Th BBC web site is great, fantastic. The sound of the all vowels and letters are in this place. I enjoy learn english language. Today I learned the following new words: Iconic, landmark, perched, inaugurated, flock to. By other side, the english sound of the vowels or letters is funny. There are several hard sounds like "shut" (shutdown), shhhh (watch TV or like that) .

Well, I have a ver very hard homework to do every day. I should do the quizz, the test, and listen english while i 'm working.

let's read in the next post.

Cheers !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Post about me, in English

Hi Everybody,

My name is Marcelo Becerra. This is my first post. I never wrote a post before.

As a part of my english class, I have to write my first blog.

Well, let's begin.

I'm forty old man. I enjoy the life. I have four children named Marcelo (sixteen), Marely(thirteen), Amanda (five) and Matilde (two). My wife is a very sweet woman.

I work at Kaspch TrafficCom as a project manager of the Costanera Norte 's Central System. I studied at Instituto nacional (college) and I'm Computer Engineer from Universidad de Chile University.

I enjoy everything related to software: learn new languages, build computer programs, work on software design, etc.

Now, i'm learning english language. I need to learn more and more. It's a very good practice.

Thanks a lot.