Friday, May 11, 2012

Choosing five questions...

1.- My opinion about the law for driving under influence of alcohol

I agree, because there are many accidents due to alcoholic drivers. Many people dies every day.  Many innocent people is still suffering due to accidents. Moreover, if you want to drink, give your keys to other. The drinkers should understand that is very dangerous to drive a vehicle under alcohol influence. Keep the alcoholic drinks far away when you don't have to come back to your home driving a vehicle.

2.- My opinion about Chilean television

I have no time to watch television. But when I have time i prefer a foreign TV show. Every time when i saw a Chilean show i could not find a good one. So I prefer to do zapping until i can found a good movie or a good show to watch. Within this topic, i enjoy the animals shows relate to nature.

3.- My Opinion about "barras bravas"

I went to the stadium to see a football match, i think, only one time. But today i would not go with my family to see a football match. The "barras bravas" is a serious problem, a real problem. In each match we can find fights, broken cars, homeowners hidden from offenders, and many, many violence. By other hand, we can find people asking for money, and if you don't want to give some money, your life is in danger. So in prefer to keep my family safe.

4.-  My opinion about teleworking

There are many job positions where is necessary to go, for example in places where it receives people. But, today, in many jobs, the possibility to work from home is not only real, it is a good choice, because there is no lost time due to transporting and the worker do their tasks more motivated. We can get connected through internet using several tools like Chat, IP telephony and so.And when we need to do a meeting, we can go to any virtual room and stay connected.

5.- My opinion about cloning

Uf, it's a very problematic topic for me. I 'm agree with investigation to find a cure for many diseases, but I'm not agree with cloning in order to get a copy of an other human or animal. Everybody is unique as an individual: thinks, understands, feels and so. It's morally questionable, at least. Maybe the science has no limits, but sometimes exceed its purposes.