Thursday, October 20, 2011

Group Class #3

Hi again,

we're now going to speak about the world of computers. More specifically about how I use it in my job.

I love to develop computer software, making complex process become simple. I enjoy writing lines of code in some computer language like Delphi. I write documents in some word processor, I send/receive emails, listening some mp3. I spend many hours of the day planning the tasks for the next day or week. Thanks to internet, specially Google, i can find information about anything i want.

Here, in Kaspch, i use the computer for do others things, like find useful software for my team, do customer assistance solving his problems (problems related to the work, indeed).

One important thing about computers, if they did not exists, i should change of job.

See you in the next...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Comments about BBC website


I 'm here again.  In the today english class we learned several good things: review actual news with background english, know the sound of vowels and letters, and expand the english vocabulary with new verbs.

Th BBC web site is great, fantastic. The sound of the all vowels and letters are in this place. I enjoy learn english language. Today I learned the following new words: Iconic, landmark, perched, inaugurated, flock to. By other side, the english sound of the vowels or letters is funny. There are several hard sounds like "shut" (shutdown), shhhh (watch TV or like that) .

Well, I have a ver very hard homework to do every day. I should do the quizz, the test, and listen english while i 'm working.

let's read in the next post.

Cheers !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Post about me, in English

Hi Everybody,

My name is Marcelo Becerra. This is my first post. I never wrote a post before.

As a part of my english class, I have to write my first blog.

Well, let's begin.

I'm forty old man. I enjoy the life. I have four children named Marcelo (sixteen), Marely(thirteen), Amanda (five) and Matilde (two). My wife is a very sweet woman.

I work at Kaspch TrafficCom as a project manager of the Costanera Norte 's Central System. I studied at Instituto nacional (college) and I'm Computer Engineer from Universidad de Chile University.

I enjoy everything related to software: learn new languages, build computer programs, work on software design, etc.

Now, i'm learning english language. I need to learn more and more. It's a very good practice.

Thanks a lot.