Thursday, December 29, 2011

A country that I would like to visit

Hi. we're again writing in this blog. The topic for today is the country that i would like to visit and why.

There 're a lot of beautiful and interesting places and countries around the world. I think my country, Chile, is one of the most nice country. But thinking in other ones, i would like to visit Australia, because it's a continent-country and have thousands of possibilities or things to do, learn, enjoy, admire, live, practice, hear, and feel.

For example, the opera house theater, in Sydney. It's a building to admire and feel the music playing in it.
It's put in a place that gives the impression of being on the sea.

Australia has many others interesting things, like Coral Sea, Ashmore, Carter, Coco islands (Keeling)

One of the things I wouldn't like to know is the sea, due to the Medusa. Certainly, there 're safety places to swim,
but I prefer my dear and precious Pacific Ocean, here in Chile...

Speaking about animals, the most famous is the Kangaroo.

Maybe, one of the interesting thing in Australia is the language. They speak English, but with a different pronunciation. It's a good chance for me to practice it. 

G'day, are you, to-die? (pronounced "Good-die, are you, to die?) which means "Good-day, my are you doing today ?" (in BBC English) is how you'll often be greeted in Australia.... and it's not someone rudely asking how you are going to pass away.
Aaaahh....the refinements of Australian English or "Strine" as it is known. Australians also tend to speak with a rising intonation which makes their sentences sound like questions. So, please don't think you are always being questioned !

Australia is a very large country. You will have thousands of things to do. It's a pleasure to visit it: Sea, Land, Wild Life, beautiful places and more.

For this and without doubts,  more other features, Australia it's a very nice place to visit.

See you in the next blog