Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My favorite piece of technology

All my life turns around computers. I could think in picture cameras, video cameras, DVD or blue Ray players, smart phones, pen drives, MP3 or MP4 players and so. Moreover, I could think in tablets, pads, netbooks. But, I have to be honest: my favorite piece of technology, at this time, is my notebook. with my notebook i can do everything that I need: connect to internet, play games, search & investigate, work on my job, tasks, chat, talk with friends, watch movies, store my favorite pictures, share music & video with my family.

I use it every day, including in my free time for entertainment. Maybe the only problem is the size of my device. It is not a little or portable device, but it's comfortable. Some day, when the smart phones become more powefull and it can be used as notebooks, they will be my favorite piece of technology.

1 comment:

  1. soon or later you must to buy a tablet :), heheheh
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