Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Artist Richard Wilson hangs out 'Italian Job' bus to teeter on Bexhill pavilion

Eight tons of steel girders hold in place the teetering coach hanging off one of the most striking buildings on the south coast, until October: De la Warr Pavilion building.

To the relief of anyone who looks that scene, the artist Richard Wilson says: "it's designed for the worst case scenario".

The installation is a recreation of the final scene in the film The Italian Job, and it's part of the London 2012 Festival within the Cultural Olympiad. He said: "By the end of 2012 I would hope the word goes out from our country that not only do we run excellent world events, but we also balance coaches on the edges of buildings like no one else ever could."

Ruth Mackenzie, director of the London 2012 Festival, said: "I am not allowed to have favourites, but if I were allowed, this commission would be a favourite. It says everything about the world-class ambition and innovation of the UK's great artists and arts centres and, as well as being brilliant, it has a quirky humour that is great as well as British."

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  1. Nice Marcelo.

    Here is a link to the final scene of The Italian Job.