Thursday, July 19, 2012

An interview with Nicolás Kittsteiner

Today, I interviewed Nicolás Kittsteiner.

Nicolás is very quiet & special person. He was dressed casually with blue jeans and slippers. 

Nicolás arrived to Kapsch on March, 2009. He feels comfortable on this company. He studied computer engineer at the USACH university, but his studies are incomplete, because he has two and a half years left. 

Nicolás is married and he has one little child six year old. His wife is studying to be a teacher for little kids. Nicolás enjoys spend his free time with his family, specially with the little Nicolás. He is close to his parents too. He enjoys to play soccer with his colleagues.

Some days he comes to Kapsch by bike. He is planning to continue his studies on 2013.

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