Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to solve traffic jams


Today I'll speak about an interesting web site: TED (www.ted.com)

This web site contains riveting talks (in other words: very interesting talks) by remarkable people.

I chose the video "How to solve traffic jams" (http://www.ted.com/talks/jonas_eliasson_how_to_solve_traffic_jams.html). This video talks about congestion, traffic congestion, and how the different measures taken by the authorities seem to not work. The main reason or problem, according the video, is trying to plan the lives of the people, all details, and what they should to do.

In the rush hours, the traffic doesn't have a linear behavior. So, in the Stockholm city, with the correct incentives, the congestion traffic reduces by 20%. 

The summary of the article is: create incentives, don't plan all details and people will figure out what to do.


  1. In my opinion traffic problems are in direct connection to the car's busynes, arround the world companies car doesn't reduce its production, that means our world will be covered by cars having no place or space to move in all cities.
    Car industries have no interest to reduce its production and cities don't want to built more highways.....